New site up showcasing work of Cedarville journalism students

If you have an interest in the Cedarville University journalism program, we have a new site that will be used to showcase some of the best work by our students.

cu journos siteThe site is called Cedarville Journos. You can add the site to others you follow and get email  updates when we post something. Or when you are here just follow the link to the right and see what our students have been up to.

So far I have posted a few stories from the feature writing class this past spring and some photo galleries. The stories are long features. The students had to write a 2,000 word story, get photos and provide information for a graphic or chart. Each of the stories has photos and some have graphics.

One of the photo galleries is related to one of the stories. The other is from the spring photojournalism class.

So take a look and enjoy the variety. And I have a few more to add in the coming days.

Return of the King

So, is LeBron James going home a business decision or something more?

We tend to want one simple answer. It’s rarely, if ever, that simple. Decisions like LeBron returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers might not be a slam-dunk business decision because a championship is not a given, but business is a huge part. LeBron sees a promising future with the current roster that was not there four years ago. And Dan Gilbert didn’t become an NBA owner by basing his biggest decisions on emotions.

And this decision is all the things LeBron talked about in his announcement. To come home after the way he left and the way Gilbert responded to it with his pathetic public letter, says a lot about the kind of forgiving person LeBron is. Good for him not to hold a grudge and to swallow his pride. I wonder how Gilbert feels. Has he let the past go, or is he just making a business decision?

I have never been a true Cavaliers fan, and LeBron’s story won’t change that. I kind of liked the Cavs in the days of Campy Russell, Foots Walker and Bingo Smith. But I think that was mostly because of the uniforms and that we could watch them on Channel 43 when we got cable.

But I was really a Sixers fan because of Dr. J. Later, I became a Knicks fan because of Ewing. When Ewing retired I considered adopting another team, but there wasn’t a player that I wanted to latch on to. So I stuck with the Knicks and will continue to do so. Not sure even Phil Jackson can ride Carmelo to a ring even if he can keep him in New York.

If anyone can bring a title to Cleveland, it will be LeBron. And that will be good for Ohio, even for us in Southwest Ohio. And I would root for the Cavs in the finals.

This is a great sports story. I didn’t blame LeBron for leaving because he simply wanted to win. And now I don’t blame him because home is always home. And because holding grudges is something he has proven is something he doesn’t do.

LeBron has come full circle. But will that circle ever take the form of a ring?


And we will all be witnesses.

ESPN just brought back this old This is Sportscenter commercial:

Learning to use Meograph to create multimedia presentations

I previously posted about these awards, but I am doing so again to give Meograph a try and see how it works.

I learned about Meograph from a Poynter NewsU webinar. It’s an online tool that allows you to easily create a multimedia presentation. You can also add narration, music or some other type of soundtrack. I didn’t add any sound to this one.

In the webinar, the founder said they are continuously updating Meograph and are listening to journalists for ideas about how to make the application more versatile. They also are working on mobile apps.

I anticipated that it would embed in right here in WordPress, but it’s not working at this time. Click here to see the Meograph.

We will be using this in one of my classes this fall.