DVR will come in handy tonight

The greatest invention for sports fans is the DVR.

Do I really need to go into all the reasons? If you are a sports fan with a DVR, you understand. If you are a sports fan without a DVR, get one. You won’t be sorry. Remember the experience of going from dial-up Internet to broadband? It’s kinda like that. It’s better than upgrading from coach to first class, I think. (I’ve never done that, so I guess I can’t really say.)

The DVR will serve its purpose well tonight. I will be covering a high school boys basketball game at Springfield High School because, for me at least, a gym is as comforting as a gallon of hot chocolate on a day like this. The Wildcats play Beavercreek in an early-season GWOC Central showdown for first place. So I get to watch what should be a great game and enjoy being a reporter. Once I file and get home, I will fire up the DVR and watch Ohio State play Clemson in the Orange Bowl. Yeah, I’ll probably be up till 2 a.m., but it’s Friday.

I haven’t missed an OSU down all season, and I won’t tonight.

The multi-media and digital age has given sports fans many great inventions. Here’s a list for starters, not in any particular order. Feel free to add to it.

  • The yellow first-down line.
  • HDTV
  • ESPN (the reason we have so much sports on TV)
  • The Internet

I will tweet updates from my game, but I won’t be looking at tweets. I will be on a Twitter and media-of-all-kinds blackout tonight. But the DVR will be humming. Hope the Bucks give me something good to watch.


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