Tasting victory and defeat all at once #GoFlyers

The final moments were bittersweet. Actually it was sweetbitter, but that’s not a word.

But grant me that poetic license because, for me and I am sure some others, it was sweet before it was bitter.

Vee Sanford, one of the best shot creators to ever wear a Dayton uniform, got into victory formation at the top of the key, went right and banked in one of the most important shots in Dayton history. His floater, a shot he learned from his dad, gave Dayton a 60-59 lead over Ohio State.


Aaron Craft, one of the best ballers to ever wear an Ohio State uniform, rushed up the floor and missed a shot I thought was going in. I was rooting for Dayton in this battle of my favorite teams, so I was pleased when the clock ran out and the Flyers had won. Then I saw Craft lying on the floor, beaten and disappointment on his face.


This was a weird day. I wasn’t rooting against Ohio State, I just wasn’t rooting for them. Weird.

But it is so satisfying to see the Flyers move on despite my competing loyalties. And not just because I picked the Flyers in my bracket. I really did think they were the better team, and deep down they are my team.

Next up is Syracuse. I picked the Flyers in this game too. The Orange has talent, its vaunted 2-3 zone and for most of the season was considered the best team in the nation. But the Flyers can win this game. They’re good enough.

Look for Jordan Sibert to play the role of zone-buster. And if Devin Oliver and Khari Price get into the 3-point act, then look for the Flyers to be a real bracket-buster.

Dayton in the round of 16?

Now that would be nothing but sweet.


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