Time to do something different … like go to the Philippines

Birthday No. 50 is six months away. I am discovering that getting older doesn’t mean life is in a routine. Life is full of changes.

A month ago I graduated with a master’s degree in journalism from Regent University. That has changed my life as much it changed my life when I began the program almost four years ago.

For several years I have had a desire to go on a short-term missions trip but I had too many other commitments and responsibilities to make it happen. So when the idea came up for one at my church in Cedarville, I was immediately interested. God has worked out all the details of funding and timing. I leave Monday morning with 11 others from Grace Baptist Church, and we are bound for the Philippines to help churches rebuild after last year’s typhoon and to show children the gospel.

I will be the resident blogger, photographer and videographer. We have set up a blog that I have been posting to in recent days. So follow our Grace Works Philippines 2014 blog and see what God does in our live and in the lives of the Filipinos we are going to serve.


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