Learning to write well takes practice

Learning to write well takes practice. No one sits through a lecture on writing and becomes a good writer that day.
The above presentation is one I have shared twice this week as fall semester has begun at Cedarville University. And I emphasized that it takes a lot of practice to become a good writer. One aspect about writing that I love is that you are always learning new and better ways to express yourself to be more clear, concise and precise.
Mark Weinstein is the public relations director at Cedarville, and for, I think, the third straight year he invited me to his yearly training session for student PR writers. This year he has a crop of first-year employees. Most of them I have had in journalism classes, so some of the things I said they had heard before. For the others, a lot, if not all, of what I shared was new.
My goal with this group and every time I teach writing skills and theories is to teach the process. And to provide some tips and tools that will push them toward practicing the art of writing clear, concise and precise.
I also teach a writing class for our applied communications majors. Some come to the class with some good writing skiils, others do not. So I shared this presentation with them the first day of class as an overview for all of the things we will dig into this semester.

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