Cedarville students learning to be mobile reporters

What students do outside the classroom is so important. I am teaching a class in mobile reporting this fall, so we will be outside of the classroom on a lot of assignments. But the outside-of-the-classroom aspect I am talking about is the work that isn’t for a grade.

The more students understand the value of co-curricular activities the better portfolio they will build and the more ready they will be to excel at internships and jobs. Cedars, our student newspaper and website at Cedarville University, is a great outlet for gaining experience. Writing traditional print stories has been our strong suit and what students gravitate toward. But students are starting to get more interested in online multimedia.

Cedarville held its annual Involvement Fair this weekend. Student organizations and local churches and ministries come to campus to recruit students to volunteer with their organizations. Emily Paul and Lauren Eissler put together the video below by asking students what they like to be involved in at Cedarville.

The video was shot with an iPhone using a Rode smartLav mic and a Rode RODEGrip+. These are great tools for doing spot and breaking news interviews. I will be sharing much from our mobile reporting class this semester. This is just a preview.

Rode smartlav rodegrip


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