Major in journalism and there are ministry jobs you don’t even know exist

Lots of Cedarville students have ideas about doing full-time ministry work after college. More and more that doesn’t mean you have to go to seminary or become a fully supported missionary. Those are and will always be great callings.

But what if you like to tell stories with words, pictures, video or all three? Lots of opportunities exist, but most students don’t hear about it because it doesn’t go by a specific name like journalist or reporter. A journalism degree, while it does prepare students to become news reporters, it also prepares them for skills to tell the stories that ministries and mission boards and Christian publications and websites want to tell. Many opportunities exist as a paid staff member or as a supported missionary.

I learned about two such opportunities this week. Below is a job posting for CCM Magazine.

If Christian ministry, Christian entertainment and Christian music are important to you, you’ll love working for us!  We’re Salem Publishing and we are accepting applications for a combined managing editor for CCM Magazine and Salem Publishing editorial assistant.   CCM Magazine has been the face of contemporary Christian music for over 30 years and has evolved into a Christian lifestyle magazine focused on the heartbeat of contemporary Christian music artists and non-artists alike.  This position will work in Nashville, Tennessee under the strategic direction of the Associate Publisher/Editor in Chief, will be the point of contact for the industry at large, and will work closely with our freelance writing team to bring together each issue of this twice-monthly, digital publication.  Exceptional editing/writing, interviewing and relationship skills are a must. 

 If you find this type of work exciting then you’re ready for the next step in our selection process.  Get your resume and writing samples to us via email, fax or postal mail:

 Executive Office

Salem Publishing, Inc.

402 BNA Drive, Suite 400

Nashville, TN  37217

This doesn’t look like an entry-level position for those of you graduating this year, but it is a reminder of the many types of jobs that exist for journalism majors and journalists who are thinking about a career move.

Samaritan’s Purse is the type of organization that is growing and hiring staff positions such as media relations coordinator and for internships.

I have assembled a job links page on this website that has links to ministry jobs as well as secular jobs. Job opportunities are more plentiful than you might think no matter your career stage.

Continuing education can also be a career boost. If you want to be a better multimedia storyteller, the ABWE mission board is offering a two-week program designed to help you grow as a storyteller and to help you see if ministry work might be what God is calling you to.

abwe tripsThe program is called Storytellers Abroad. Trips are planned for Nicaragua in April and Romania in June. Jeff Raymond was on campus last week and shared this opportunity with our students. He has room for 12 on each trip.

I wish I could go.


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