My communication writing students show the skills to lead, and they like to lead

When I am asked what I teach at Cedarville University, my answer is journalism. But I eventually work in to the conversation that I also teach a writing class for our applied communication majors.

I have been blessed to get know theses students outside of my regular circle of students. They are smart, eager to learn, want to make a difference and are loaded with leadership qualities and potential. Group projects get finished on time, and overall they do a great job of keeping up on all of the writing assignments.

Near the end of last semester we got to talking in class about what it means to be a comm major. To them it means God has given them a vast amount of career and ministry opportunities. Many of them started college in other majors. They are happy God had reserved a place for them in communications.

Of the 16 in the class, all but two raised their hands when I asked them if the had been involved in leadership roles while in college. Most of them had been involved in several. And the ones who didn’t raise their hands as leaders said that didn’t mean they weren’t involved in groups and organizations and on committees here and there.

Next we began to list characteristics of communication majors, which you can see below:

Comm majors list

Then we listed characteristics of leaders, which you can see below:

Comm leaders list

They were encouraged to notice that many of the characteristics were on both lists as the same words or as synonyms. I haven’t done this exercise with journalism students or students of other majors in the communications department, but I would expect similar results.


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