Cedarville journalism students gain experience writing for Springfield News-Sun

Students learn what they are capable of becoming when they apply what they’ve learned outside the classroom. But they don’t have to wait for an internship or a part-time job.

Cedarville journalism students have a one-credit hour requirement of practicum they take during their junior or senior year. This past fall the Springfield News-Sun in Springfield, Ohio, asked me if there was a way we could help each other. Six students had registered for the practicum class, so that seemed like the perfect. And it was. They each wrote five to six bylined news stories for the News-Sun on a variety of topics under a variety of deadline pressures. They enjoyed the real-world experience of getting assignments from an editor and working with the editor in a professional manner.

The News-Sun wants to continue this relationship next year. And one of the students got an internship that she is completing this semester.

If you are interested in journalism at Cedarville, send me a message with any questions you have.

Watch this video to hear what these students have to say about the experience.


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