Establishing connections in Kenya

Jet lag lingers this week, but I remain excited over the spring-break trip I just took to Kenya with two friends from Grace Baptist Church in Cedarville.

Dustin Hughes, an attorney in Springfield, has been going on ministry trips to Kenya for many years and has built strong relationships with churches and a law school in Eldoret. Brian Hanson, who serves as a chaplain to the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Central State football team, the Ohio statehouse and more, joined us on the trip and was able to share the gospel in some places most people don’t know exist. We had fantastic fellowship together and with many of the Kenyans we were there to serve and to work alongside.

One of my goals is to establish relationships abroad with journalism and communication programs. In Nairobi, I visited Daystar University, a Christian school, and Multimdedia University, a state-run school. I had great exploratory meetings with both schools, and both schools invited me lecture in a class. I greatly enjoyed those opportunities. I have much to discuss with my department colleagues and see where these conversations and ideas might lead. My hope is to develop study abroad opportunities for Cedarville students. And if African students can spend a semester here, that would be great too.

I also blogged during our trip. We called the site Ujumbe Kenya. Ujumbe can translate to mission in Swahili. If you’d like to read about our trip and the mighty things God did on our trip into the bush, click here.


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