The Easter message can be told and shared in so many ways

Easter  has come and gone this year, but Christians should contemplate — at least for a minute — every day what Easter represents. I don’t solely mean the scriptural account and the theological truths that emanate from that account and down through the epistles. A correct biblical understanding is, of course, important.

What I need more of in my life — and I suspect we all do — is to see life-changing events that reveal the power of the cross and the resurrection. And Christians need to share the biblical understanding of it and the stories that show that power in people’s lives. I have been seeing lots of this lately.

On Sunday, I saw a link on Twitter about the true message of Easter. So I clicked the link and was pleasantly surprised to see an opinion column in the Orange County Register newspaper accompanied by a clever cartoon that spoke tremendous truth in such a simple way. I admire Mark Landsbaum for having the courage to publish such a piece. And I admire the newspaper for having the courage to allow one of their own to have the freedom to write what was on his mind and heart.

Click the link in the tweet below and read.

My recent trip to the bush of Kenya showed me and my friends the power that Christ’s resurrection can have in any life. Christians have an appreciation for that power, but to sit on dusty benches in a half-bulit church on the other side of the world and see a broken man make Jesus the Lord of his life is distinctly profound. All of us who were there see Jesus just a little differently. At least I do. He increased my faith and my trust in Him that day. As my good friend Brian Hanson says in the video below, these are things you only read about.


Brian Hanson Kenya Story (2016-03-20) from Grace Baptist Ch, Cedarville OH on Vimeo.

I was grateful to hear Brian’s story because he added details that I left out of my blog account, which you can read at the link below.

My prayer is that this experience will continue an upward trajectory of abiding in Christ more deeply, and that I will meditate on what it means for him to be the vine and for me to be a branch. Heard a great message on that in chapel Wednesday.

Telling these true redemption stories is needed. People connect to stories. That’s why Jesus told so many of them. There are great storytellers in the world, but more need to be told. Encouraging my students to do so is a developing passion I have. I am also developing a passion for wanting to do the same. I pray that I can return to Kenya sooner than I can imagine right now. There are stories in the bush that need to be shared like the one I am sharing here. And this story isn’t over. My prayer is that I will be able to tell the next chapter in this story and others like it to a wider audience if that’s in God’s plan for my life. If not, I pray someone else does.

And a belated Happy Easter.


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